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Northside Baptist Church

Elkhart, Indiana

  • Dec16Wed

    Choir Cantata & Christmas Eve Service Information

    December 16, 2020
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    We ask that everyone show grace to each other as opinions and choices will be different for each person.
    We want to be unified in Christ in all that we do.

    Sunday, December 20th @ 6 pm, Choir Cantata
    Thursday, December 24th @ 6 pm, Christmas Eve Service

    • We are asking that the far east section in the Sanctuary be reserved for members who have health issues and have been staying home.
    • We ask that only those sitting in that section use Door #7 to enter.
    • Everyone else is asked to use Door #8 (Main Entrance).

    We appreciate everyone's cooperation and willingness to help those in our congregation that either need or feel more comfortable with social distancing.

    • We encourage those with “health-risks”, those over 65 years old, or those not feeling well to stay home and stay safe. Please still join us online!
    • Help follow the state guideline of 6 ft between family units. Room 155 (Old Fellowship Hall) is open for over flow. Please follow the 6 ft guideline there as well.
    • We will no longer be taking an offering up during the service, but there are boxes at the back of the Sanctuary at the doors for you to place your offering in before/after any service.
    • Please do not enter any area of the church that is blocked off. We have done this to help keep those areas disinfected.
    •  We ask that at the end of service everyone promptly exits the building. We encourage you to talk and fellowship once outside in the sunshine and fresh air.


    Thank you,

    Northside Baptist Church


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