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Northside Baptist Church

Elkhart, Indiana

Stanley Stankovich

Stanley Stankovich - Faith Cometh by Hearing

Faith Cometh By Hearing Ministry is a ministry that purchases programmable, solar powered radios to distribute to people who are unable to hear the Gospel. This includes Muslim and Communist countries whose laws prevents church gatherings, along with those who are unable to read. This is the case in the country of Haiti, where they have distributed over 700 radios in our first year of ministry. They have also sent radios to West Africa. They want to come alongside and assist National Pastors, to help them in their ministry.

The radios are a very effective evangelistic tool used to get the Gospel to those who can not, or will not, attend church, or will not allow a witness by other Christian people. If they have a radio, they can hear the Gospel message in their own private time or with their families. They radios are programmed to Christian radio stations only!

These radios are given to people at no charge by Stanley or National Pastors. Stanley has also recorded several radio broadcasts while in Haiti. Stanley does not raise personal support but he pays for his own expenses, he does appreciate gifts for the purchase of new radios and for his travel.

On August 7th, 2015, Stanley's wife Shirley went home to be with the Lord. 

In 2019, due to health reasons, with a heavy heart Stanley announced he is no longer able to continue this ministry. Please continue to pray for Stanley and for someone to fill the gap in this ministry.

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Stanley Stankovich