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The Cozy Corner

The Cozy Corner 
by Steve Nauman
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  • Apr22Thu

    Listen To them, But Follow Him

    April 22, 2021 by Steve Nauman

    Probably the most important thing I learned when I started working in my father’s store at age 7 was to listen, not talk. As a boy working in that little country store, I used to love just listening to some of the “old timers” telling stories that almost always began with: “well, years ago...” It was somewhat amazing just how much could actually be learned by simply “listening” and not talking or ignoring them. I also learned that once people know you and trust you, most are happy to share things they know!
    As an adult, I’ve still tried to listen more than I talk.....after all, God gave me two ears and only one mouth. (I think He wants me to listen twice as much as I talk!) 
    Sometimes we need to listen differently, because of what we may be going through and we’re seeking wise counsel. (It’s a good thing to do!) But when I’ve been in that situation—and I have, I still have to do what I believe God wants me to do—based on scripture, prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit. “For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.”
    Philippians 2:13 (NLT)

    I’ll give you an example of God’s leading, even when others might not understand.
    In the early 1980’s, I was seeking “wise counsel” because I felt it was God’s Will for me to quit my job and start my own business..... Well, 100% of the Christian wise counsel I met with said “don’t do it”! They told me things like: I’d be giving up a steady job with benefits etc. And many other “negative” reasons for my wanting to start a business. 
    The point is, I didn’t have peace with anything but starting that business, so I had to ignore what they had said, and do what I believed God was telling me to do...........
    It was a lot of work. And did I mention it was a LOT OF WORK! But I never lost the peace that God put in my heart and He was always there helping—because there were always things beyond me, yet He was always there!

    In the fall of 2020 after 38 years of business, God gave me peace again that it was time to sell that business and He provided some Christian brothers to carry that torch —hopefully further for His Glory!

    Sometimes..... God’s Word and God’s Will for our lives might go against the advice of “wise counsel”—because God treats us as individuals.

    It is still a very good thing to seek wise counsel. So listen closely to them... but follow Him.....

    Till Next Time.....


    On Saturday, July 10, 2021, Karen Nauman Wightman said:

    So glad you listened to God - more than you listened to others! I think you listened to your sister - most of the time! 😄


    On Friday, July 2, 2021, Carol said:

    I’m so glad you followed “Him”! Congratulations!


    On Tuesday, June 1, 2021, Abigail Stump said:

    Thank you,Steve


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