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Northside Baptist Church

Elkhart, Indiana

Rick & Mary Glover

Rick & Mary Glover - Awana Ministries

Rick & Mary surrendered to the call of God to become U.S. missionaries with Awana Clubs International and were appointed to serve Indiana in September of 1996. Rick went full time in 1196 and Mary went outside the home to work to help put the children through Christian school.

At the end of August 2012, she was able to leave outside work and devote full time to being a homemaker and Awana missionary. For most of their ministry time, they invest in the area of Indiana north of the Marion/Hamilton county line (roughly bounded across the state, grouped by county) but also serve some churches in Southern Indiana as the Lord and their Lead Missionary directs. They serve churches who have not used Awana before, but are interested in learning more by presenting the program to them, one-on-one, to church staff, to committees, or full congregations.

They serve churches using Awana with a ready resource of experience and ideas from all over the state and nation through the experiences God has brought them through and with the potential input of over 80 other couples and singles serving as Awana missionaries around the country.

When a church starts Awana, they conduct a training class for their leaders. Throughout the typical club year (September-May) they visit as many clubs as they are able. Each fall they conduct Awana Ministry Conferences, which are all-day conferences with breakout sessions. They conduct the Awana Games and Sparks-A-Rama events throughout the state in March, as well as related meetings. Presently Awana is in 237 churches in Indiana, with 138 of them north of Indianapolis.

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Rick & Mary Glover