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Northside Baptist Church

Elkhart, Indiana

      • Volunteers Needed

        April 10, 2019

        Thank You to all who helped in any way!

        Bakers Needed

        Cast and Crew Cookies are needed, 60 dozen total and bread for the market place.

        Cookies must be turned-in by Sunday, April 14th.

        **Be sure to clearly mark any items with nuts, peanut butter, coconut or soy.**

        Kitchen Helpers

        Afternoon Shift: cooking and prepping the meal
        Late Afternoon Shift: serving and clean-up, help during intermission
        Food Tray Arrangers:
         sitting to arrange cookie and marketplace tray

        Child Care for Cast and Crew Children

        **You must be an approved NBC Children's Worker to volunteer.**

        Sign-up sheets located on Foyer Bulletin Boards.

        Please note at this time we are unable to provide child care for the audience, 
        services are for cast and crew members only.

      Discipleship Classes

      What is Discipleship? 

      NBC Discipleship Classes are a ministry designed to help believers grow in their faith, knowledge and walk with Jesus Christ through the study of the Bible with a mentor.

      Read More

      Church Carry-In

      We are looking for people to help with our Church Lunch Carry-In happening on Sunday, September 1st. We are needing people to volunteer for set-up, clean-up, or help watch the children in the bounce house during the Carry-In. This will serve as our “Sunday School Picnic” for the year.

      If you are interested in helping, please stop by the Welcome Center.