Answers in Genesis Conference
October 05, 2014
Dr. Tommy Mitchell will be speaking. The sessions include:
Sunday, October 5th:
9:15 am - Are You Intimidated?
10:30 am - Genesis and the Authority of Scripture
6:00 pm - Why Can't a Day Mean a Day?
7:30 pm - Noah's Ark & the Global Flood
Monday, October 6th
6:00 pm - Jurassic Prank: A Dinosaur Tale
7:30 pm - Worshipping the Creator God

(Nursery will be provided for all sessions)
The Many Faces of Women's Ministries
September 17, 2014
President: Ingrid Kiser
Vice President: Bethanna Kwast
Treasurer: Edna Slack
Secretary: Carolyn Bennett
Missionary Care: Karolyn Adams
Decorating: Abbie Albaugh
Encouragement: Tonita Clark
Fellowship: Lori Henry
Hospitality & Meal Outreach: Ingrid Kiser
Food Pantry: Pauline Snyder
Northside Baptist Now On You Tube
May 20, 2014
Northside Baptist is now on You Tube!!!  You can view all of Northsides videos on You Tube.  Join us either live at regular sermon times or watch later at your convenience.  Just follow the new link on right side of web page to go straight to Northside's You Tube Page.